For Hire

Angle grinders

4” or 9” For use Cutting/ Grinding stone or metal using appropriate cutting discs.

Block Splitter-SUPERAXE

Suitable for splitting blocks of wood lengths ranging from 200-450mm (8-18”) Height adjustments of 8-10” 12-14” 14-16” 16-18”.

Brick Saw-with Diamond Blade.

Electric Brick Saw for the purpose of cutting Bricks and Pavers,

Demolition Saw

Used for cutting/ cutting to length suitable materials with the cutting blade approved for the unit.

Electric Breaker (Hydraulic)

This machine is intended for heavy chiseling and demolition work as well as for driving with the appropriate accessories.

Panel Lift

Suitable for loads up to 150lb(68kg) Max Height 11” (335cm)